Amibook Amibook is the organizer you`ve been looking for. envelopes for all the people in an address book, or only those contacts you select. It will even include the return address on envelopes. Amibook is also able to dial phone numbers for you at the click of a button, jump to a web site, or open your e-mail program ready to send mail to the person or people selected by you. As a personal organizer, Amibook keeps track of your appointment book and tasks. You can set an alarm to go off up to one hour

DAL Flute VSTi 2.1: Hybrid flute VST emulator combining multi-samples of real flutes with DSP engine
DAL Flute VSTi 2.1

DAL FluteĀ is a hybrid flute emulator combining multi-samples of real flutes with a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine. Features hybrid synthesis that combines sample playback engine with native DSP processing, powerful multi-mode filters, envelopes, and LFOs give a wealth of creative possibilities.

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Pro Wizard Label Designer 3

Powerful Label software for CD, address, mailing, media, shipping labels and more. Supports over 40 label formats offered by WORLDLABEL.COM including common sizes offered by office supply stores and Avery templates in your Windows Word and Mac programs. Design your own custom label formats. Built in Database to store personal information and/or address. Includes CLIPART Graphics, Backgrounds and Textures. Import Graphics. Print envelopes!!!

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Easy Desk Office A complete business accounting system for home or small business
Easy Desk Office

Handles multi accounts for checking, invoicing, purchasing,and payroll. Single or Multi user capable, with an integrated communication system. Ideal for home, office and small business with up to 40 or more employees. Track Invoices to work orders, estimates, and internal job tickets. Prints custom Checks, Invoices, purchase orders and business size envelopes. Process payroll in just a few minutes with no fees.

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MailBee IMAP4 6.0

Enables Windows and classic ASP applications to search, receive, parse, upload and manage mail and folders on IMAP servers including Gmail. Supports SSL, S/MIME, read/unread status, HTML mail with embedded pictures, secure authentication, NTLM, IDLE, QUOTA, international charsets, UTF-8, multiple attachments, body structures, envelopes, UTF-7M folder names. Accurate and fast MIME parser. 32/64-bit. Delphi, VB6, C++. Royalty-free distribution.

quota, search, object, parse, activex, idle, append, imap, folder, body, gssapi, email, html

Office Report Builder 6.0: Use Microsoft Office as your reporting tool.
Office Report Builder 6.0

Office Report is cost effective and can extract data from different databases. Manage your lists, prints address labels and works with post mail. You can use different databases to create personalized post mailing and direct mail campaigns, to customize all fields and keep notes of important customer information. For print mailings, design & print directly onto labels, envelopes, post cards, address books, reports, form letters and more.

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Invoice101 - Mac 7.3.1

Invoice 101 easy to use invoice and billing offers fast data entry, user friendly tab navigation and condensed toolbars. Track clients, vendors, inventory, jobs, invoices, payments, receipts, installment plans, scanned documents and reports. Alignment for window envelopes plus multiple currencies, 2 or 3 decimal precision, selectable invoice numbering, custom tax fields, optional invoice header & footer, labor timer and parts markup calculator.

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